9 APRIL 2020

The Great Hawkhurst Easter Egg Run

At 11:30 a.m. on the Thursday of Holy Week, the Great Hawkhurst Easter Egg Run swung into operation. Over 200 chocolate Easter Eggs were loaded into the van kindly loaned by Park Farm Butchers and distributed to our network of community volunteers, who then set out on their mission to bring Easter cheer to some of the children and some of those who are self-isolating in Hawkhurst.

That was the culmination of a carefully planned operation which began a week earlier when the Group received kind donations from St. Laurence Church and an anonymous benefactor. We decided that the forthcoming Easter Week, when families would normally be together enjoying the school holiday, would be a good time to arrange a pleasant surprise for the community. We talked to the primary school and Toddler Train at the Baptist Church about how to arrange the distribution of eggs to as many families with young children as possible and we approached our good friends in Tesco and Waitrose to see if they could help.


Every egg was labelled with an Easter message and a crew of willing volunteers assembled to distribute the eggs in a carefully planned logistical operation.


Everyone rose to the challenge and, on Monday, Co-ordination Group member Lucy, ably assisted by two young helpers, collected over 200 eggs from Tesco and Waitrose.


The results are apparent in these photos. We'd like to thank everyone who contributed, organised and helped with the Great Hawkhurst Easter Egg Run. It's wonderful to see so much community spirit in our village!


28 March 2020​

Day 1 of the HCSG was launched with the delivery of 3,000 information leaflets, offering our services to help with shopping and prescriptions, and inviting people to join our growing band of enthusiastic volunteers. Our website is up and running at:


and contains links to register for services and to volunteer. We are taking emails on:


and, for those who don't have access to the internet, we have a phone helpline on:

01580 453015

We have so far registered 36 clients and over 75 volunteers - and numbers of both are increasing by the minute!

Look out for our volunteers wearing their distinctive pink ID badges, which enable them to shop for their housebound clients during supermarket restricted hours.

27  March 2020

A big shout out to all those involved in the Hawkhurst Community Support Group (HCSG). Everyone has worked so hard and with such diligence, we now have an effective community support group to assist those who need help during this time. Thank you also to the army of leaflet distributors for their efforts today and tomorrow.

If you wish to volunteer, please register here:


If you require support (or know someone who does) please register here:


You can also contact the HCSG via the website;


23 March 2020

We hope to have the group up and running by the end of the week. In the meantime, it would speed our work if we started with as many leads as possible to both volunteers and potential clients (ie those in need of assistance) of the scheme.

Anyone who is already helping people with their shopping, collecting prescriptions etc, or is interested in doing so, please register using this link:


Anyone who would like to register for a volunteer to do their shopping or collect prescriptions, please register using this link:


If you know of anyone in either category who does not have access to email, please feel free to register on their behalf, with their consent.

22 March 2020

Under the auspices of the Parish Council, we are setting up arrangements to co-ordinate and support the volunteer effort in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. This is necessary because, while the current informal arrangements under which volunteers do shopping for those in isolation are working well, they are unlikely to be able to cope with the forecast scale of demand as increasingly large numbers of residents go into isolation.
We have already set up a Reference Group comprising representatives of the local organisations whose involvement in the scheme will be essential, including the manager of Tesco. We also have a high-level plan for how the scheme will work. We now want to set up a small Co-ordinating Group to manage the scheme on a day-to-day basis. We are hoping to hold the first meeting of the Group on Wednesday 25th March.