HCSG was established in March 2020, in response to the first Covid lockdown, to assist Hawkhurst residents who required assistance during the pandemic by collecting and delivering groceries, prescription medicines and essential supplies.

The Group achieved those objectives and more. At the peak of its operations HCSG volunteers served 140 clients with a dedicated volunteer force of 190 people. 

In April last year we also established the Food4Families project (F4F) to provide food and household essentials to some of the most deprived families in the community. 

HCSG was designed to be a temporary organisation, subsisting only for the duration of the Covid crisis. Now that we are on the road out of lockdown, we are planning to wind up HCSG’s operations, with the exception of F4F, with effect from Thursday 13th May 2021. F4F will continue for as long as funds allow.

Full details can be found here.