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Be a part of Hawkhurst Parish Council’s archive!

The country has taken on a special character in lockdown.  We have all seen the TV pictures of empty city centres, heard bird song more clearly as our once busy roads fall silent, and looked up to the azure blue sky    without airline vapour trails.  We have also witnessed great renaissance of community spirit.

We would like to ensure that future generations can see for themselves what life was like in Hawkhurst and the surrounding areas during this time.

So, if you have a picture you think has a story to tell and would like included in a living history project for this time, then do please let us know. 

You can send us an email with a description of your picture to the Parish Clerk at:

or print out you picture and post it to:

Hawkhurst Parish Council, The Office at the Moor, Hawkhurst, Kent TN18 4NT

We will follow up all potential contributions after the crisis is over and obtain high-resolution copies for those chosen to go into the village archive.